Hi from sunny N.Ireland

Discussion in 'Members Gallery' started by NIALL_190E, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. NIALL_190E

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    Aug 14, 2008
    Coleraine N.Ireland
    1989 Merc 190E
    Hi there folks from sunny Ireland (lol)

    Just got myself a

    Mercedes 190 E (Daimler)
    2.0ltr Petrol
    143'000 Miles

    Drives great, I got the car through a swap with a caravan, The guy didn't want to swap this Merc but i did the talk and did the walk and got my hands on it as a clean swap, Car is MOT'D to March and now taxed to Jan

    Gonna clean it up, Replace the Dizzy cap, Rotar Arm, Plugs and give it a service (bit splutery), Need to fix a fault with the rear P/S electric window (not doing anything from front controls and door control), P/S electric mirrow (just going up and down, not left or right) and fix the rear D/S door card as when the central locking comes up to open, it pop's off the top of the door card but other than that, Good going car, plus the heater in the car is pure dung, takes ages to blow (any suggestions)

    Would love to hear some feed back

    Cheers guys and girls


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