Hi from Sweden

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Apr 21, 2012
R320 fully loaded
Hi guys,
My name is Mike. As the title gives away I am from Sweden. I work at a fairly large MB dealership in Sweden as the supervisor of our detailing department. I have been in this business in one way or another since1996 and I hope that I will be able to give as much advice as I receive from you other members here. If the is someth ing you want to ask don't hesitate to drop me a pm.
/ Mike
Hello Mike
Welcome to the Forum :thumb:
Hi,welcome to the forum:thumb:
Welcome Mike. I look forward to some insider insights.
Thank you guys, @ acej, I hope I can be of some help:)
Welcome To MBClub Mike.

Is English your first language? If not, then you'd never guess. :thumb:
Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum. I have been to Lund a couple of year's back, a nice place but very cold in the winter!

Best regards,

@ Bobby, no Swedish is but thank you for the compliment :) @ Will, it is a good town to raise a family but as you noted it is cold and windy as hell in the wintertime :)
Welcome to the forum Mike, I'm sure you'll be a great source of advice.
Hi Mike and welcome to the forum.A few pictures of your R230 would be nice
Here are some pics :)




Is it just me who thought it would be and SL :eek: Nice R class though,don`t get me wrong

Also since you`re the Supervisor,don`t allow Audi`s inn
Hej Mike, välkommen till forumet! :)

Who's a clever boy then.

Now it's my turn.

Eh up c.o.c.k how thee doing, fair t' middlin I hope.

It's all rite on this forum, there's plenty of folk not back'ard at comin' for'ard.

Be careful sumtimes what thee say cause tha might end up wi'a Scarborough warning.

I'll be off now then.

Hej Mike, välkommen till forumet! :)

Nämen ser man på är det en landsman månntro? Tack så mycket i alla fall :)

And back to English again :) thank you all for making a Swede feel welcome here

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