High level brake light fitment W164 ML350


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Jan 1, 2021
ML350 W164
Hi again - the old high level brake light in my W164 was in really bad condition - ends cracked, gasket sodden and torn. I managed to remove it and ordered a replacement. Found a reasonable deal on ebay for a genuine MB replacement part. Tried to fit it today and while it goes in really nicely at the right hand side (where the electrical connector is), the left hand side doesn't really feel seated at all - if you look at the profile, it juts out maybe 5mm, I can't see how it would form a decent seal agaisnt the bodywork like that. It all feels clipped in ok, I removed it once adjusted the metal clips and re-tried it, but got the same. Are there any tips for it, or is that just how it is? I've taken it back out for tonight and gorilla taped over the hole, will try again tomorrow.

Thanks, Matt

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