Highest Mileage - Read 1st Post Before Replying!

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Mar 16, 2004
1994 W124 E300D Estate, 1985 R107 280SL
Hi the idea of this thread is to identify the highest milage Merc we have on the forum....

I will start with my car. ONLY post a reply on this thread if your car is higher mileage than the post before you and keep to the same format. Dont post if your car is lower mileage or start a discussion as it will make it all confusing.

if your car is lower mileage than the post before, then DONT POST! The idea is that the last post on the thread is always the highest milage.

also only post if you still own the car - its members own cars of interest here, not cars you have seen with high milegage... only your own please

The next post will be my contribution! I know of cars on the forum with over 300k so it will be interesting to see the results.
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181,000 - 1994 E300D Estate
One member called Pontooner had a 124 with a documented mileage in excess of 420,000 but isn't it a case of what bits are still original? at the risk of going off topic

Well if we ignore Pontooner's car, W124 e250 diesel, 202k, all original running gear.
242860 miles on a C250td auto 1997



My car 1998 E300TD Estate turned over 277000 miles yesterday. Hope i havent broken the rules SilverSaloon.

Moving parts that have needed changed are the water pump (impellor cracked bearing fine), alternator freewheeling pulley, nearside front wheel bearing. Thats about it apart from routine brakes shocks etc etc. Oh and new front springs that only lasted 275000 miles before they broke within a month of each other.

Oh yeh it has had four new shafts and 2 new heads LOL.

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315000 on my E320 Estate. It still runs like a dream, however it needs a lot of work which it will get.
300D 1991. 20 YEARS old. 344.000 miles. Ive Had it for 204k. Moving bits exchanged :- vacuum pump (310k), crankshaft oil seal (320k), alternator (250 k ish). Fan belt shock absorber (200k ish). Thats it.:thumb:

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