Hit n run = end of our CLC. CLK anyone ?

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Nov 25, 2016
Mercedes CLK

Girlfriend driving our CLC early December and was hit by a scumbag in a white van who didnt stop, with the result that the car has just been written off and an unsatisfactory cheque sent by the insurers. Handy hint: dont buy cheaper insurance without courtesy car - fortunately we have a spare car but would be a pain if you had to wait 6 weeks for their decision if you didn't have something else to drive.

Arguing the value is in hand, but we dont want to change the car now, especially at a value less our excess which we have to cough up. I can seriously do with out the hassle, especially as we'd spent on every consumable needed and the car was running beautifully.

However, now she fancies a CLK Cabrio, later 2008/9 car - any comments on what to look out for please ?
There was an article on this (buying guide for an A209) in a recent copy of Mercedes Enthusiast Monthly (or whatever it's called). - If nobody else has some input I could recount the short version.
Sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstances. Don't know what engine the CLC had in, but the A209 comes with petrol engine option only.
You are looking at the perfect Mercedes (IMHO of course)
Be aware that M271 and M272 engines can give expensive trouble.
If possible go for the AMG sport - better skirts/bumpers, better stance, extra toys.
Comand was seen as a must, but is now pretty outdated
Rear parking sensors are good - the corners are hard to see
HID lights are good
Leather goes without saying
In nearly four years the only thing that has gone wrong with mine is the roof failed to close properly because the grease had hardened with age. A good clean up and haven't had a problem since.

You will love it.
Think the M272 and 7G elctroplate issues were all well sorted by 2008-9.

I would go for a 280 or 350 anyway, thus sidestepping M271 problems. As Ted says, leather, COMAND and parking sensors are pretty essential.

Also check out the DVLA tax tables as I think some 280s with narrower tyres fall iinto the K band which is £250pa or so cheaper than L band. (In 2006, 17 in wheels were K, 18s L)
I might be selling my clk350 as looking to upgrade to a cl500, pictures in the photo gallery

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I've a 57 plate M272 that's later than the troubled timing chain gear issues.

It's a wonderful engine. Silky smooth, lovely power curve, great noise.

Mine is also the 280 with narrower tyres 205/55/16 so tyres are cheap and it's the k tax band.
My 2009 280 sport might be up for sale soon as well

Drop me a pm if you want to know more
Echoing what Ted said- the roof / roof storage+flap should work flawlessly and should be free of unsightly stains or blemishes. Fettling them if they are faulty can be a right pain to get back working properly so pay particular attention. Try the operation several times in a row and look for any signs of binding /jerky action. Can marr the ownership experience of anotherwise classy car. You don't want to be lowering that roof on a fine day with the thought - is it going to get stuck again today ?;) If the roof works nicely chances are the rest of the car will have been looked after.:thumb:
Thanks everyone for your input.

We'd be looking for a reasonably powerful model, dont mind petrol as mileage wont be big. Our CLC was a 2009 car (diesel as it happens) so we'd not be looking to buy an early CLK - so one of the last ones really. So that gets us over the M271/272 issues I think. Good shout on road tax bands, will check that out.

We will give the roof a thorough test, I know all too well how embarrassing it is when it gets stuck half way up/down on my own car.

If anyone has that buying guide it would be excellent to be well prepared. I advertise in in but dont keep back copies.
thanks again
PS Would be interested in details of your car Fabes but not enough posts to PM you yet - will make some mindless comments elsewhere until I can do so (up to 29 but risking a ban if I post more today!)
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well i'm definitely selling my clk350 coupe, need a v8 so getting a cl500, mine has no m272 issues as had timing chain and balance shaft all replaced last year, so she runs sweet as anything

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If anyone has that buying guide it would be excellent to be well prepared. I advertise in in but dont keep back copies.
thanks again
I'll dig it out; I only buy copies when the content interests me... and an article on the A209 is pertinent to my interest in the C209. :thumb:

My recommendation is to include distronic. - I am really impressed with it.
Parktronic is really helpful; I suspect the rear vision in the cabriolet is even worse than the coupe.
We're test driving a CLK200 Cabrio on Saturday, our first one, which will give us a steer on where to go. I have a feeling it may feel a bit underpowered though. Especially as we're turning up in a V8 petrol coupe.
You'll find it surprisingly sprightly and smooth.
No fireball, but very useable.
That's reassuring, looking forward to it. We're not looking for electric performance, if one can still use that phrase, but a bit of response to the need to overtake is all thats required.
Thank you
Well impressed with the one we drove but even better was the advice on testing the roof - 3 times it failed to close, I had to give it a real shove in the end. So we're not buying that one...

Have just put a deposit down on a 200 Kompressor, having it inspected by carinspections.co.uk on Wednesday. Its half the mileage of our CLC too, hopefully will also be no net extra cost after I've finished negotiations with the insurer.

Thanks folks, pics follow when we get, assuming all goes well.
Had a 2009 280 Sport. Anything registered in 2009 will be a Sport as they loaded them up and sold them off cheap as production has ended.

Beautiful car, classic design.

Only advice would be try to get one with servotro if steering as the standard is pretty heavy - was the only reason my wife hated it. We found the rear alignment went out of kilter often making the car pretty wobbley to drive. Once sorted it was a much nicer drive.

Lovely car.


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