Hmmm, my mate Dave and an insurance total loss from 6 years ago.....

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Jul 1, 2010
So about 6 weeks ago my mate "Dave" got a text from a well known dog based insurer saying your cheque for £1200 is in the post. He ignored it obviously as has not had a claim for years.
But today a letter comes through "Dave's" door from said insurer saying we have re-evaluated your total loss claim from 2018 and here's a cheque for 800 quid plus interest of 400 quid.

Back in 2018 "Dave's" car may or may not had a blocked DPF. "Dave" may or may not have used a laptop to run a manual DPF regen. 3 Hours later completely unrelated "Dave's" car smouldering floor mats may have burst into flames resulting in a total loss.

So when the Assessor came round "Dave" did mention that the car was possibly doing a regen when he pulled up and parked the car. Said Assessor then decided that a faulty ECU was to blame to the car spontaneous combusting and proceeded to knock 800 quid of the already somewhat lowball value of the car to cover the faulty ECU. "Dave" grudgingly accepted but did let words such a "coughosser" slip out.

Hmmmmm. And now 6 years later the missing 800 quid arrives, what's that all about then 😁

Has the Assessor been caught out or something ?
was Dave with Direct line then? if so, here's the answer:

edit: answer my own question - dog belongs to the phone insurer. so above link will answer that. he can cash it in without any worries :)
Must have kept the assessor awake every night for 6 years, so he did the right thing in the end. 😄
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Must have kept the assessor awake every night for 6 years, so he did the right thing in the end. 😄

I think that is highly unlikely as he was , sorry "Dave" thought he was a ***** of the highest order. Must have been a complete technical guru to diagnose a faulty ECU just by looking at the exterior of a car 😁

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