Hole in Alloy wheel

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Jan 24, 2018
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You couldn't do it again if you tried.............I hope not anyway.
The other day, after an evening drive I put the car away in the garage. This morning I noticed the front offside tyres was flat so I assumed it was a slow puncture. I pumped the tyre up and off I went to the local tyre centre.
Nope, not a puncture, but the wheel has been pierced. After stumbling upon on a road being prepared for resurfacing, it seems a stone has found its way into the barrel of the wheel and rolled up between the brake caliper and wheel. As there isn't much clearance it looks like the stone has gouged a groove in the caliper then dented and pierced the wheel.

I'm at a charity event at Croft circuit in the car on Saturday so a temporary fix by means of weld will have to do for now. Then the search commences for a replacement front wheel.

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Bad luck Richie:doh:
Here's a link for a new one.
Make sure you're sat down.
Thanks Roger, I’ve already been on that website. It’s a tough pill to swallow.
At that price I’m hoping I can source a used one, but finding one that doesn’t need any work isn’t easy.
'Unlucky Alf ' a relative ? I hope you can get it sorted.

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'Unlucky Alf ' a relative ? I hope you can get it sorted.
It is what it is, just one of those things. It’s a pity it had to be such an expensive one of those things though.
Never mind and on a brighter note, at least I don’t have a slow puncture 🤣.

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