Honour killings.

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There's nothing to get. Unfortunately unlike the citizens of the UK who have the 'luxury' of freedom of speech and the freedom to express themselves how they choose, other people around the globe do not. In particular countries like Pakistan still treat women like 2nd class citizens and anyone who resembles a strong, independent, confident, forward thinking woman, is not tolerated, regardless of what the media publicises.

Any loss of a human life is sad but this is just barbaric.
Sadly it has been going on for ages, and still very common in many countries today.

And it also happens in the UK from time to time in certain communities.

Parents or brothers killing their daughter or sister who 'brought shame on the family' in order to 'save the family honour'.

Usually it's about a 'forbidden' love affair, or 'promiscuous' behavior, or choosing the 'wrong' partner, but it can on occasion be invoked by simply talking to a man in the street.

Totally unbelievable to any Westerner, perfectly sensible for those who grew-up in these cultures.

Punishment is not a deterrent - the killers have been known to walk into a police station and hand themselves in after committing the murder.

The only solution is education, education, education, at all levels, family level, and from infancy.

Which obviously raises the bigger issue of schools with non-conforming syllabus.... not sure we can take the discussion in that direction though.
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