Horn fuse keeps blowing

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Oct 8, 2008
Mercedes W211 E280 Cdi Sport Estate
Sounded horn yesterday & it stopped mid toot. Checked & cleaned connectors to horn today without success. I then discovered the horn fuse had blown(53A) which I then replaced but blew again immediately although I got a muted toot out of the horn. Did I understand correctly that if I disconnect the horn(presumably I have to connect the connectors with a paperclip or simiar to complete the circuit?), sound it & the fuse does not blow then it's the horn & if it does then it's the circuit? If it's the circuit where do I start to look? How do I remove the steering centre boss? I'm not sure if I am imaging it but the centre of the boss under the Merc badge does feel a bit soft. Any suggestions gratefully received.
I'm pretty sure you will have 2 horns on the 211.
Forget the paper clip to short connectors, that would only prove you have a circuit, the horn tries so you have.

The connected horn that blows your fuse is the culprit, disconnect each and try the horn.
Both disconnected and the fuse shouldn't blow, to rule out the wiring.
Do not short out the horn that will blow thr fuse instantly as you have shorted the circuit.

If the fuse holds with the horn disconnected then you need a new horn as it is fubar
Many thanks- I will try that & update when I have some more fuses. Next job is to locate the 2nd horn- I just checked & only one is obvious to the left in front of the radiator.
Assuming they are diaphragm type horns they corrode inside, causing the coil to pull more current than the circuit will allow, hence blown fuses.
Yes, you're correct, there are 2- a high & low tone. The other one is under the headlamp ballast on the nearside(I think). I'll try disconnecting the visible one 1st. Thanks again for the help.
You got it right—if you disconnect the horn and the fuse doesn’t blow, it’s likely the horn that’s faulty. If the fuse still blows, then it’s probably the wiring. Just be careful with the paperclip trick; make sure you don’t cause a short circuit. For tracing the circuit, I’d start by checking the wiring around the horn and then move towards the steering column.As for removing the steering center boss, it can be a bit tricky. Usually, there are hidden screws or clips behind the airbag cover, but make sure to disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes before messing with it to avoid any accidental airbag deployment.When I replaced my horn, I upgraded to an air horn from Boss Horn. It was a fun project and the new sound is fantastic! Much more presence and reliability.

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