Hot bodywork.

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Oct 1, 2023
A35 AMG 2023
New owner of A35 AMG Sept 2023. Been out for the day in the rain, parked up at home and noticed a dry area on the bonnet at the front. It’s really hot so much so that you can’t hold your hand on it. Please tell me this is normal, was concerned about paint damage or discoloration.
Is the heat shield/soundproofing all intact under the bonnet?
Heat shield intact( very hot do not touch) stamped on it nothing on the underneath of bonnet. No soundproofing bare painted metal. I’ve since found another thread about the same thing, looks like it’s normal,
Your cats will love that (if mine are anything to go by ...)
Of you.are concerned you could always get a turbo jacket. Much cooler under bonnet temps and a faster spool too allegedly.

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