Hot starting problem on '02 S210 E320 diesel


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Aug 29, 2015
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A chap who works for me was telling me yesterday he has a mysterious starting problem on his '02 E320 diesel which I thought I'd post on here to see if anybody has any ideas.

When cold it starts first time, every time, but in warmer weather, like now, it still starts ok when cold but as soon as it warms up, if he switches off and tries to start again, it just won't have it. It cranks over ok but shows no signs of catching.

If he leaves it an hour, it will immediately start just fine again. Oddly, he says it was doing this last summer but as soon as ambient temperatures dropped it went away, so he thought it had cured itself but, alas, it is back to doing it again this year.

He has changed the crank sensor as somebody told him that could be failing when hot, but that's made no difference. He's also changed the high pressure fuel pump but, again, no change. He says he has cracked open the fuel supply to the injectors when it is hot and won't start, and there is plenty of fuel coming through when cranking.

He's now at a loss, as am I, so anybody got any ideas please?

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Mar 26, 2017
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Well a propah diagnostic interrogation is required--BUT---Star gazing & stubble scratching with rumination from this key board .
Suggest CAM sensor Senor!

The cam sensor sets the injection into motion by synchronization with the crank sensor. Sits on top of the left engine valve as you look at with the bonnet open.

Also ask yourself does this model engine derivative have an electric operated cooling fan clutch control sensor ?
If it has a defect it might be robbing the power which also supplies the same to the cam/crank sensor -they are on the same circuit control in some models .
All luverly stuff!
Tuercas Viejas

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