How Awesome is the 190E

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Aug 20, 2008
Hi All,

How awesome is the 190e??? my dads one has been parked up at my house now (in the garden at the back near an overgrown bush) for like 3 1/2 years now, just brought it out to my dads house yesterday (towed it there) then i stuck a jump pack on it, and low an behold it fired up first time!!! WOW i've never seen a car with a flat battery fire up first time with a jump pack (jump pack is nothing special £20 from maplins) let alone a car which has been off the road for 3 1/2 years!!! well after a quick wash yesterday i have got the paint work semi acceptable, and i've just serviced the engine today is running a treat. all i need to do now is get the front windscreen changed (RAC guy coming on monday) as some prat decided to throw some bricks at it while it was parked up. also have to sort out some mold on some of the interior, mainly passenger seat and seatbelts... any help here would be appreciated, anyone dealt with mold before? how did you get rid of it??

Also i forgot to mention there is NO rust what so ever on the car, i was expecting to replace a few body panels but zilch no rust (i'm well impressed!!!) in its place though was loads and loads of spiders and webs!!!

Well i'll keep you all updated on the progress of this sort of resto, im hoping to have the car back on the road within the month, need MOT hopefully it will pass, may need new rear shocks though.

Thanks for reading,

Thanks for that d_w124 i will give the a guy a shout about the rear shocks, i was quoted about £55 each for rear shocks from GSF


No prob mate.that`s why we are here for.Hope you get it sorted
I was in a minicab 190E a few months ago and was mightily impressed. One would make a brilliant 'hobby car'.
MBK, you have a PM.

I also agree, but the I would since I've got a 190 myself!
This car is becoming some what of a hobby for me, 2 days and i've spent atleast 12 hours on it :D and what a happy 12 hours it was :D

- cheers nullogik

They're excellent cars , I've had two .

'Every inch a Mercedes-Benz' was the slogan when the 'Baby Benz' was introduced .
Re the mould on interior i have used

AUTO GLYM Interior Shampoo in the past on really dirty interior, it works well for me i tend to spray it on and leave it for a short while may take a couple of applications

Hope that helps
My first MB was a K reg 190E 2.00 auto that I bought new. Terrific car, wish I had kept it.
EVEN more awesomeness from the 190e having only replaced the windscreen due to someone bricking it, and also fiddling with the wiper to get it aligned, and a service nothing else was done to the car, i took it for an MOT today and it passed with flying colours, No advisories nothing. however i will be renewing a few things just for my own fussiness, all arbs will be changed for new and i will renew all fluids and service the gearbox.

Horrible cars, i wouldn't go near one:p

In my day (1984 - and I am only 46) i was given a MK3 Cortina 1600 GT. Now I thought that was good - but a 190e ?? ENJOY and make the most. Hard for me to imagine a 190e sat in a garden; just as i guess some people would have struggled with the idea of a MK 3 Cortina being abandoned......................Marc
It was only left there doue to lack of use and we had 5 other cars in the household and parking was getting a bit tricky, and it wasnt really meant to be parked there for so long.... but its back on the road now.


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