How do I find the injector codes if they've faded off the injector? I think the codes have been erased from car computer

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Jul 25, 2023
2010 Mercedes E350 3.0 v6
I'm having a nightmare a time with injectors after doing the seals on my 2010 Mercedes e350 3.0 V6.
Car hasn't been used or started in 4 months because of this.

Firstly the leak off pipe snapped, then 2 injectors needed replacing because the tip where the pipe goes onto broke, then 2 bolts that clamp the injectors snapped , then a repair failed that my mechanic friend tried when trying to drill them out so now it's due to be recovered to an engine shop on Wednesday to have them drill out the bolts completely and sort it out.
Now when trying to code the 2 replacement injectors it seems it's erased the codes for the other 4 and the numbers and digits are faded off the injectors !!
Is it possibly because it has a low battery or are they erased and how do I get them back ?


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