How do I remove the wipers / scuttle etc to replace the washer jet pipe?

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May 3, 2022
E350 CDI Blueefficiency Sport Coupe - 2009
I've had my C207 E350 CDI for a month now and when I got it the one issue I knew about was that it wouldn't hold screen wash.

I finally got around to investigating it at the weekend and discovered that the leak is coming from the plastic connector on the end of the hose for the washer jet where it clips on to the pump.

It looks like the heater wire in it has melted through the connector as about 10mm is poking out the end and there is also a hole through the side of the connector.

Anyway, it's beyond repair so I have a replacement hose arriving in a few days but is there a guide/info on how to replace the entire hose, how to remove the wipers and scuttle (if necessary) in order to have access to the entire hose from pump to jets?

This is for the 2011 w212, but can't be much different.
Perfect thanks. The sixth posting on that link had a link to a PDF that tells me exactly what I needed to know. 👍
Hi Mark I have had reason to remove the scuttle from my car (2006 S203 C class) but my spray nozzles are on the bonnet - and incidentally non adjustable - Once the wipers arms are off removing the scuttle is usually quite straightforward. Just undo what screws you can see and start gently pulling it down from the windshield.

One thing I will say is buy a wiper arm pulling tool .


This is the one I have , cheap and does the job of preventing you from leverage damage on the wiper mech and/or accidentally cracking the windscreen if you slip using the wrong tool.

Photos not of your car but you get the idea of how the scuttle pulls down from the windshield, exposing years of grime under the seal !

In the first photo you can see why it unwise to put too much leverage on the wiper arm spindle. You wouldn't want to bend that bracket.

before 4.JPG

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Thnks Petrol Pete,

I actually already have that exact same tool as bought it years ago to removed the wipers on another car.

It's very handy, in fact I used it just this week to help take apart the Comand controller to replace the broken shaft.
In the thread I linked to, there is a Nilsen version of that wiper/battery terminal puller linked through to Amazon, like the one Petrol Pete mentions above. About £9 if anyone stumbling across this thread needs help finding one. I also recommend the same one, as the cheaper ones without adjustable arms don't have enough throw to reach round the wiper properly.
Quick Update.

I managed to do this little job at the weekend. There is no way the wipers would of come off without the puller tool!

The only issues were:
  • The scuttle appears to be bonded on where it meets the screen as I couldn't remove it. Instead I had to just push the front edge up as high as I could to get access to the hose and jets, which unfortunately resulted in one of the seals around the wiper spindle becoming detached as got stretched too far.
  • The other issue was also caused by the limited access, it was very tricky to get to the clips either side of the washer jets to unclick them. Luckily as I was replacing the entire system I could just snap off the washer hose spigots and get easy access.
All done now, new hose with jets fitted and no more leaks. I'll keep an eye on the scuttle and see if I'll need to replace it down the line.

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