How economical is your AMG ??

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^ Nice average speed. Well done:thumb:
C43 - daily commute of 30 minutes each way - 18 mpg

Since last reset, some 5500 miles ago, a much healthier... 20 mpg!!! :)
20.2 MPG over 364 miles, not hanging about, seemed reasonable in an SUV with four wheel drive and great big V8 engine.
Just over a week ago, I averaged 32.8mpg in my W205 C63 from Oxfordshire to the Lake District.

Other than motorway slip roads, I used the automated driving mode to get me there so I was both relaxed and sensible for 99% of the journey. Without my slip road sprints and the stop-start nature of the M6 roadworks, I might have been able to creep into 33mpg territory. My return journey a few days later was a different story, for which I got 26mpg.

W211 E63 Jersey driving - 16.7mpg........but I really don't worry about it as I only do under 100 miles a week locally. Yet to take it to France, but will soon, so I expect a vast improvement
C36 averaged 26mpg on a run to Le Mans, 4 blokes, camping gear and beer, I was pleasantly surprised
Mine's VERY economical... single figures 9mpg, 10-11mpg at a stretch? :):):)
I can manage around 20 mpg if I'm lucky around town and about 25-28 on motorways. However, once I put it in Sport plus, it's a very different story... I'm just happy Shell have a loyalty scheme

23.6 US MPG over a 350 mile run so about 28 British MPG in a 2002 W210 E55
as an experiment i drove to manchester in economy driving mode so 60ish ,coasting,little braking and managed 29.5 in the cls55 coming back driving normally but avoiding any fun came down to 27, but generally i get about 16 around town 22 on better flowing roads and about 12 when testing if the supercharger is still working.For the next couple of months of course it will be extremely economical....
I once had a Lexus which I calculated would empty a full tank between here in Skegness, and the nearest lincolnshire border, if I drove it hard.
My S55, was getting 12mpg around town, on a good day, but I replaced the MAP sensor, and now can get 17-18 out of it around town, dont know what it will do now on a run, because i havent gone out of town with it yet or else may get nicked if I dont have a good excuse.
Before the MAP sensor, it was getting 17 ish out of town, I expect that to have gone up a bit.
I haven't done any long motorway journeys yet but the best I've seen around town is 24mpg. That was a couple of years ago, I tend to see 21/22 now.

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