How many Merc owners can do the rubik's cube?

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hmm - the average salary is apx 60000 in the Midlands? Is this for MB owners or in General - anyway, someone in need for a norwegian lawyer? :)
97% agree - too many news threads :D
How many Merc owners can do the rubik's cube?

I never could, I hate that sodding cube.
looking at the stats i dont think I am mercedes!! guys earn some money, .....three bathrooms......swimming pools.....and private planes!:eek:
47.38% of all Rubik's cube statistics are made up on the spot!
Seems 1% in London will pay for fancy graphics (and dodgt statictics) in their advertising!

11% whiten teeth
<<-----Dentists with Mercedes?

As far as cube goes used to be able to and can still do two layers in about as many minutes - then adopt oorjim2's technique to finish the puzzle
How odd?

You are not the 32% who can do the rubik's cube.

You are not the one who got 3 children.

You are not the 24% who believe in ghosts.

You are not the 11% who whiten your teeth

You are not a Merc owner then. :p
......had an original from the mid 80's........
Very early 80's for the originals - they hit our 6th form futher maths group before the craze; probably 1980. Many hours spent puzzling over it - three of us cracked it, but by doing the corners first (unlike most of the published solutions).
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You don't know? Four times over since 1996 and do the services myself.

W201, W202, W170, W211. :D

What modifications have you done?

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