how many times do you clean your car

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Twice a week outside, once inside, it's a great way to destress for me, well that's my excuse anyways!!!
once a fortnight outside or maybe more
once a week inside
Also living in a London flat, cleaning it is difficult to do regularly - the men at Sainsburys in Cromwell Road are getting quite good at their job but since I applied C1+ the rain does 99% of it for me. Haven't cleaned it for a few weeks now and still looks shiny, a tiny bit of dirt isn't shifted by the rain so I plan to use a drying cloth on the car when it next rains as that does get rid of the l;ast bits of dirt with a bit of pressure. I give the inside a bit of a dust every week or so, just with a cloth I keep in the door card, and a vaccum once a month (I shake out the mats if they're too covered to wait). I applied the GTechniq fabric and leather protectors which have genuinely stopped the interior from getting at all grubby so I never really clean the interior now.
Im another thats pretty **** about keeping the motor looking good, being 040 black does it im sure! it just looks too good when its polished.. i wash at least once a week depending no weather conditions and at least one coat of polish a week if not two and detail spray in between if the weathers decent so it stays nice for longer. Thing is if you keep on top of it its very quick to keep it nice and youre not spending ages cleaning as theres not much to do and no build up of months.. although i treat cars as more of a hobby than a chore and enjoy keeping it looking nice :)
I went against my word. 'Washed' it yesterday. One bucket of hot water with grit-guard, one microfibre cloth, one drying microfibre. under 30 minslater, looked immaculate. I happened to have some GTechniq C3 wax left so buffed it on. Much deeper shine, that should do it for a few weeks :D
haha good effort Neil, must be a lot trickier from a london flat so fair play.
Complete detail at least once a week, mid week wash, light clean daily if the car has not got wet.
I normally try to clean it every other week and then a good going over every quarter but if i have any spare time i usually end up tinkering about on the drive with my cleaning kit :D
When it gets dirty. Not that often as it is a garage hugger and only goes out in the dry.
Bout once a week at the local Polish Car wash.

Full hand job for a Fiver! :eek:

Not worth getting me pinkies wet for that amount is it? :cool:
I washed mine in February before I took it for service and then forgot to tell them not to wash it, so they washed it again (unusually, they did a nice job though).

I haven't washed it since. The torrential of the last few days have cleaned it quite well, even removing the bird crap from the roof.
how many times do you clean your Merc i clean mine three times a week thats wash and wax , and do the inside at lest twice a week:thumb::thumb:
Just before a long run, ie; on holiday, etc (along with tyre pressures) as it makes a huge difference to feul economy if getting up to any speed. Alway tinkering with it mechanically though (replacing this - fixing that) - every chance I get - it's getting a bit OCD actually !!!
Has to be at least once a week and dried off if the weather is good.
Too often according to the wife:rolleyes:

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