How much labour to replace front emblem on grill

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May 20, 2015
W216 CL600
Hi all,

The Mercedes emblem on the grill of my W216 needs to be replaced as it become fogged up or otherwise very scruffy. I am due a service shortly and my local MB garage has the part in stock. They said by phone that they would charge labour of "up to one hour" although "it wouldn't likely take that long".

Forgive my ignorance but is this part merely of the "snap on/snap off" variety thus meaning it is a two minute job? I don't want to get skinned on labour if they really should be doing it for nothing or next to nothing (based on what I am paying them for three services on one of their plans).

Thanks - looks similar although there is no open space in the star in which to put your hands to get a grip before unscrewing it. Anyway, does look the most simple of jobs and I will ask them for part only if they want to charge labour on top unless they can justify its more than a 'untwist/twist' job.
Does your w216 have distronic fitted? It sounds like the emblem you have is geared up for this as I believe the sensors are embedded in or behind the emblem (reason for not having the spaces). It may take a bit more effort than a quick untwist/twist (at least one set of wires to unplug and reconnect).
Hi. You're correct, I just checked the handbook. I had thought distronic plus was located at top of front windscreen but that is the night view assist only. I will see what the dealer says and report back.

For a Distronic equipped car, it may be that the front grille has to be removed to allow access to the several tabs that fasten the star and black cover onto the grille.

From model year 2011 onwards, this involves masking up with tape and inserting a wedge and pulling hooks to release the catches between the grille's lower edge and the bumper. Could see them wanting to charge half an hour or so for remove/install.
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optimusprime said:
Dont you have any good friends on the forum to help you do this ? If i were close i would come and help you do it . Help each other in need.

I agree. I'm happy to help. I'm in the Cardiff area.
Hi. The thought didn't occur to ask for help - perhaps that's Central London disease (where I live) where people tend to mind their own business for better or worse! Let me see what the dealer quotes and I will reach out if it is on the high side. Thanks for the offer of help, much appreciated.

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