How suprising is this?

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Jan 25, 2009
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W210 E55 AMG
Need to replace rear discs and pads on my E55 so thought I'd try GSF first of all.

They quoted £44.50 + VAT for each disc and £19.85 for the pads. Discs were Brembo, not sure about the pads.

Phoned MB and they quoted £39.60 + VAT for each disc and £34.50 + Vat for the pads. All genuine MB of course.

Just shows that the motor factors are not always as cheap as you first think! :eek:
Both prices seem quite resonable considering it's an AMG TBH.
I'm quite surprised.
yeah pads are pretty cheap at dealers from my experience. well worth getting them there
I don't think they have quoted you AMG disc prices .. it's far too cheap. I think they have quoted you standard E class discs and pads
Does sound very reasonable for an E55, i keep hearing it's around £700/£800 for a full set of discs and pads. Maybe the rear discs and pads are std Merc fitment?
Thats got to be the wrong prices std e class discs are the same up to 320, then different again for the 430, then a lot more expensive for amg.

Discs for mine were just over £40 each and the same for pads from btakes international.

AMG cars just use regular disks on the rear, as well as for MANY other components. For example the front ARB is off a 320Cdi estate..

BRAKE DISC A2104230812

Price: £45.54 standard price
£40.99 10% discount

But if you really want to pay more...
E55 front disks and pads all round cost me £600 ish, from an indy in MK a year ago. Bite hand off if they have quoted you right.

Fronts are AMG (~£200 each or so), Front pads are around another £100 = ~ £500

Rears are standard discs and pads, so an extra £100-150 for two normal discs and pads.

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