HOW TO: Change & Replace Gas Struts Bootlid/Bonnet

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Something you might want to add to your video Karl is that the all metal boot lid with the factory spoiler has 620nm struts and if replaced with the ones shown on your video won't even hold the boot in any position, ask me how I know? Ps, I've a pair of boot struts for the R231 SL for sale, only tried once.....
Thanks, it really is a diy job, and a very good point about the struts working in pairs. One will just not hold it. As with ToeKnee above, don’t ask me how I know…

I’ve also replaced the manual strut on my Octavia’s bonnet with a pair of AliExpress-supplied gas ones. I had also to buy 4 replacement bonnet hinge bolts, two for each side, ie ones incorporating the male bit of the ball joint. I wasn’t the first to make the mod, I must give credit to another member on the Skoda forum who posted spec and source detail.
Great video, thanks!

Just to say that I had aftermarket struts ordered from Car Gas Struts, Boot Struts, Tailgate Struts & Bonnet Struts from SGS< and found their prices to be very reasonable. They are (supposedly?) made in the UK.

Another minor point to note, is that people should be advised that if they bought a car from a dealer or a trader and they spot a fault within the first 6 months, their first port of call should be the dealer (under the Consumer Rights Act 2015). Obviously, not every minor fault will ne covered by the statuary warranty, and even if it is covered but the dealer refuses to help then it might not always be practical to pursue it further, but it's worth mentioning just because many people are simply not aware of their statutory rights.

But, again - great video.

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