How to replace A/C compressor on R230 SL

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May 3, 2017
R230 SL 350

The compressor on my SL has started to whine and I have managed to obtain a replacement.
My question is, is this a job that I could do myself, or is it one that is best left to my local garage ?
I am fairly competent on mechanical things.

Hi Bob.
I can't give you a proper how-to guide, but if you're happy to service your own car, change an alternator etc..... you should be fine.
You'll just have to get the system de-gassed before starting (take it to the same place as you'll be getting it re-gassed, they may do a discount for not losing out on any refrigerant).
If you've bought a used compressor, get an AC specialist to check the oil level as they often get drained or split upon removal. They hold most of the refrigerant oil in the AC system and are filled to a very specific level with a specific oil. A new one *SHOULD* be filled but check paperwork in the box.
make sure the pipe seals don't get damaged when removing and re-fitting the pipes, and that no dirt gets into the pipes or compressor.
I would estimate a garage to charge anywhere between £100 and £150 to do the work including re-gassing etc.

That`s really helpful, thanks.


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