HOW TO: W211 Door Mirror

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May 12, 2005
E211 CDI 220 A/G
Does anybody know how to dismantle a W211 door mirror, I have the bulb failed symbol displaying on dash, only I know ots not the bulb as it still works when locking?
The wiring harness to the mirror will be fractured. Common fault you can fix with a soldering iron and some Maplin flexible wire. Fold the mirror and poke a screwdriver into the catch you can just see and the cover comes off. This pic shows the screwdriver in position with the cover off to give a better idea of where it goes. Once there it takes a twist to open the catch and you pull rearwards on the mirror cover. Tilt the glass in to clear the housing.


Remove the cover from the top of the doorcard to get at the plug in the ecu. Only prob you will have is....all the wires that break seem to be BLACK and I'll be taking bets there will be more than one broken. Just hope that they are broken at different points so you can match up the different length ends.

p.s. You'd have thought the muppets would have used uber flexible wire in the first place??????????? Just a thought.


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Are these the proper pictures and method for a E320 cdi W211 '03 model? I've taken the protective cover off and it looks different and am not sure were to stick the screwdriver.

Dont quite understand what you mean Ted? The pic above is with the cover off simply to illustrate where the screwdriver goes. If you've got the cover off you're on the home run.
If you want to take the cover off. You need to either take the glass out first or position the mirror glass fully inward and you will see a thick brass pin. Push that brass pin with a screw driver and pull the cover off at the same time.
I'm not 100% sure on this but try it. See if there is a brass pin.
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I'll try it first thing in the morning and report back.
Thanks for the extra info.
Job done! Not easy though. If possible get extra hands on the job. Four cables were broken, all black. Three went to the indicator and courtesy light on mirror and the fourth one went to movement mechanism of the mirror itself. The black cables are numbered from 1 to 4 but only by the plug. Nothing on the other side.
Thanks again for the information.
ref mirror signal

took off plastic cover.someone had been in here before. wires exposed and 2 all working fine til next time:bannana:
Door Mirror

Hi All,

Just got the same problem, lights only working when mirror closed.
Mine is E320 2004 so hope it is the same mechanism
Will try the same and let you know.
Hi - also looking at this problem. I assume that it will be the loom. I cannot seem to get the cover off. Is there any particular place I should be poking my screwdriver?



David. The first pic in post #2 above shows the position of the screwdriver. Taken with the cover removed to show where the thing goes inside.
Finally managed to get the mirror off today. This is what greeted me


Quite a few wires broken.

I have done a fix, but as I just joined most of the wires one has already broken again on the first fold. Going to have to look at a Druk style solution.

Druk, how did you deal with the grommets - presumably the wire that you used is bigger? Did you rewire the connectors or join the wires close to the them?

Joined the wires close to the plugs iirc. Thin heatshrink followed by larger to bind it all together. Don't remember having trouble with grommets. See 3rd pic. Bought a couple of metres of mega flexy wire from Maplin and did them one by one to keep the wiring sequence correct.
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Sorry to resurrect this thread again, but I still can't get my mirror covers off.

I can see where the screwdriver is supposed to go - I can see that slot OK, but exactly what do I do with it? And what size screwdriver were you using? I have tried twisting the screwdriver (axially) when the blade is in place, but I hear no click of a catch being released, and the cover does not move - even if I am a bit rough with it.

I have tried both sides to no avail. What am I doing wrong? :dk:
You're doing everything correctly. About a 1/4" blade in the slot. Rotate axially and this action lifts the clip off it's seat. There will be no 'click' as it's simply a bit of spring steel. You have to twist and pull simultaneously (at the same time, even ;):D) or maybe give the edge of the housing a dunt to get it moving. But that's all there is to it. Once it starts to go the mirror glass has to be maneuvered to get it past.
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Thanks, Druk! :thumb:

We're in! I'm still not sure how that catch actually works, but nevertheless, the covers on both sides are now off. Interesting that the mirror on the driver's side is completely different - thicker - than the passenger side. It is much harder to get the cover off the driver's side because of that thick bezel around the glass. This is the dimming side, of course.

Now to clean everything up and try to get it all back together...

Thanks again. :)
Me again. :eek:

I thought I'd done really well. However.

The covers have not latched back on properly - either of them. I have given them a stout shove, but I can just pull them away from the door again without any effort. I can't be far off, because the indicators work, therefore the connector plugs which (dis)engage when the covers are moved are obviously connected. But why can't I get the covers to positively locate?

Also, the driver's side mirror mechanism is not quite right. I can pull the mirror forwards against some fairly strong spring resistance and there is some up/down movement there as well. This does not appear to happen on the passenger side.

Wish I hadn't started anything now. :(

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