How Tyres Change For OE Approval. AMG, Audi, BMW, McLaren, Ferrari etc.

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So you shouldn't by MO marked tyres if you're looking for something to get good lap times in; you buy BMW * marked tyres?
All I read was how various car manufacturers "demanded" a tyre that had particular attributes, they could all still be given the same tyre for all we know.
In the real world, changeing the various attributes on each tyre by any margin would result in different tread patterns etc, but they all still look the same.
Never been convinced by MO ratings after using MO Bridgestone Potenzas which were crap in the wet. Instead of Mercedes "demanding" the Bridgestone performed in a certain way, they should just have specified a Conti or Michelin that was a better tyre to start with.

Very interesting.

I can't imagine the average driver would be able to sense the difference, although it's probably measurable (just).
This has been a long standing issue in the porsche world. In fact porsche U.K. Won't renew a warranty on a car if it isn't fitted with N rated tyres, nor will they entertain any claims unless the same.
There was a massive thread about it on PistonHeads a few years back and a guy from Michelin joined the thread and called it all out as BS.

From what I recall, what he said was they give manufacturers a load of tyres, they test them on their cars and say "yes we like that one" the manufacturer then stamps an MO or N or what ever on the side and bingo an 'approved' tyre. It's the same tyre as the non approved.

It's all just another way of keeping the money flowing to the manufacturers because they'll undoubtedly be getting kick backs on the sale of approved tyres.

Does the Mercedes warranty specify non OE/approved parts = no warranty?

I'm not even allowed to put non porsche wipers on my car
MO labeled tyres are simply those from a normal batch that meet slightly stricter quality limits regarding run-out, concentricity etc.

Only on very few tyres are the compound or tread construction changed.

In my experience MO labeled tyres are no more expensive than 'ordinary' tyres.
In my experience MO labeled tyres are no more expensive than 'ordinary' tyres.

Exactly that.

I put MO Conti 5s on our S203 - they didn't cost any more than non-MO ones so why wouldn't you take them, given the choice :dk:
Even the MO1 labeled tyres for the CLS55 are no more expensive than the standard tyre.

All said and done, I doubt I could detect any difference in a blind test. Not on public roads anyways....
On my drive to work, I drive on varying surfaces, from really rural country roads through to the A16, and I can tell you that regardless of the quality of tyre (I use Continentals), it is the road condition that dictates grip-ability, along with MUD. For example, Hurdletree bank is notorious for a bad road surface and it isn't unusual for my car to over-steer even at low speeds on the bends. At one point I actually thought I had a flat tyre as my car seemed to slide sideways at 25mph, only to discover the surface is really crap.

On the flip side of the coin, the A17 has an excellent surface which instils a certain confidence when overtaking or going round a round-a-bout.

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