HP iPAQ hw6510 Mobile Messenger

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Aug 7, 2003
Does anyone have one / know where I can get a UK spec one / have an idea as to price ?
Nice box - GPS included as well...

That would be great - MSN messenger always on, and TomTom on the same unit with a bluetooth handsfree phone as well. WOW!

Expensive though.
Bet the battery life is no better than my SPVM2000. When using the wifi in anger, I get hrm about 4 hours of actual useful productive time, if that. With GPRS it's about 6 hours. Oh well.

Hmmm, what *might* be interesting would be to install this device permanently in the car, as a comand replacement!

Finally got it.... and considering sending it back.

Battery - not bad, will support BT to car kit + GPS for about 5 hrs, or phone for about 3 days.

But, there is llittle internal memory, and it does not come with any Tomtom maps, so you have to fork out £199.00 for them from tomtom. It does not support their €59.00 upgrade.

Then you hav to purchase an SD card to put it all on.....

So £350ish for the Ipaq, + £50.00 for a 1GB SD card + £200.00 for all the maps.....

Easier to keep my mobile and buy and Ipaq 2710 and then have £200.00 beer money.........even if it means having more stuff for people to nick in the car.....

And HP are not releasing a car-cradle for it, so you have to have a standard generic one.

This could have been a great product, if only they had included the required memory and at least a UK map.

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