Hyperactive wipers

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Sep 10, 2008
My 05 CLK has rain sensing wipers.

The problem is after the screen is dry, the wipers are still going. In fact, sometimes they seen to speed up for no good reason. Now I can take tablets for that condition, but I haven't found anywhere to feed them to the car.

As this appears worse in the morning, would giving the sensors a wipe help this, or is there something in the software that will calm them down...
Try cleaning the windscreen and wiper blade with Isopropyl alcohol or meths then applying a very, very thin layer of wax to the screen and buffing up like mad.
You may need a new blade as well.
You haven't had a new windscreen ? It may be needing taught in. Its possible that the sensor could also be faulty
I only got the car last week so still new to all this.

As far as I can tell, it is the original screen. I see now that the wipers clean the sensor area. The wipers do a good job of cleaning the window, but they may need a clean themselves or I might change them soon anyway.

How do I get the wipers to relearn if there was a new screen for example.

It has to be done with a star machine

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