I’m done! DPF NO EML / EML Throttle Body Stuck Closed


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Oct 14, 2019
Hi All,

I have a 2011 facelift W204 220 CDI, having nothing but issues ever since I bought the car to cut the story short to two issues I can’t get rid off.

Issue 1 - Car was going into limp mode randomly, when in limp mode when coming to a stop it would litterly slam/jurk into first or second gear depending if in sport or normal mode really hard but no EML finally got it down to DPF, took the DPF out and had it professionally cleaned and it returned to normal for months 3/5 months later now it doing the same thing again and no EML.

Issue 2 - EML comes up randomly no effect on performance except for when accelerator pedal pressed hard instantly and quick to the max the car seems to find it hard to switch gears it attempts to upshift 2/3 times before it actually does while it’s doing that it revs go up and down almost like a clutch is slipping feeing but the car is 7G auto. EML shows throttle valve stuck closed. Changed throttle body cleaned intake etc etc still the same thing but again EML dosent always come up on the issue and the switching gears also dosent do it all the time but easily 50% of the time.

My understanding of engines and cars is pretty good but I’m fighting a loosing battle at this stage and need help.

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