I am Looking for Dash bulbs...for w124

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Mar 28, 2019
e320 estate
Hi, Does anyone know where i can get bulbs for my w124 dash? know what spec are ok? thanks Rob.
Which part of the dash? The centre console lights around the heater controls are 0.4watts and quite hard to find other than from MB. Most places sell 0.5w bulbs. Whilst this doesn't sound much of a difference they do get very hot. They are not expensive even from the dealer. Instrument panel bulbs are not so hard to find but still not expensive from MB.
yes am after the instrument dash bulbs, I was wondering about the wattage, so thats very helpful, thank you. Is there a code/ type so i know i get the correct bulbs?
Rob you might be better off with LED lamps for the main cluster lighting as they won't make the distortion of the plastic lenses any worse due to the heat of the original lamps. Also nice and bright.
Thats a thought, LED bulbs, only problem is I quite like the orangey glow, and some LEDs can be quite harsh...

are they these type?
Just buy them from the dealer, they're not expensive & you'll get the right ones.
You can get 286 LEDs in orange or yellow and dimmed down they look good.
because if they are, its the potentiometer
Yes. We had that on a W123 and contact cleaner on the pot was the answer.

On my son's 190D 2.5 it was solder on the pot leg that solved it.


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