I have proved that I'm a NUMPTY!

John N

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Mar 22, 2017
Peterborough. - (Scot on Permanent Tour!)
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I received a £20 Amazon Voucher from Carwow and as I had been thinking “Hardwiring” my Dash Cam in and the Kit was £19.99 from Amazon I sent for it! :cool:

Thursday Evening:

I managed to thread the Camera Cable up from the LH Foot Well Fuse Box behind the LH Window Airbag Cover, found a suitable Earth Point in the Fuse Box Area, and as there was no Fuse Box Layout Diagram, I removed each Low Amp Fuse in turn one by One and tried the Replacement Fuse holder in each vacated slot. :devil:

Soon discovered that ALL were Live with the Ignition Off! :wallbash:

Replaced the last Fuse that had been removed as it was getting late, removed the Earth and placed all inside the Fuse Box Cover meaning to carry on the next day!

Jumped in the driver’s seat intending to reverse into my garage, noticed the Windscreen was filthy so decided to wash it, no Screen Wash Pump and no Windscreen Wiper! :wallbash:

Tried each and every Fuse that had been disturbed, Nowt, Nadda, Zilch! :fail

Should I call Mercedes Assist and have my dilemma recorded in the Servicing Notes, NO, called the RAC, they would be out within the Hour, result.;)

Still having a tantrum and working through what I had done I noticed the LH Side of the Bonnet was higher than the Right, opened the Bonnet, dropped it down again and Screen Wash and Wipers all working as normal, NO warning on the Dash that that the Bonnet was open, cancelled the RAC Call out and muttered to myself all night:mad:


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Mar 5, 2009
2005 W215 CL500.
I fixed the seat switch blocks on both of my doors...now the indicators in the door mirrors will not work...WHY???:wallbash:

I feel your pain.


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Sep 7, 2015
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Guess we've all been there, missing the blindingly obvious. Know I have and more than once.

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