I need some w124 parts...

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The G.F.P

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Jun 9, 2008
I'm never going to be able to drive my car again so after it not moving for 2 years i've had it serviced, mot'd and now i need some parts so i can make it look nice and sell it as i need £18k for a new 4x4 electric chair and this will help pay part of it

it's a 1994 e320 convertible

i need :

both front speaker covers (mine are rusty)
steering wheel (mine went mouldy)
electric seat adjuster knobs (a full set for both sides)
both front visors with the part that screws to the roof lining

now for the unicorn parts :

1 drivers side front fog light
amg type 2 towing eye cover

ive got lots of spares from my old coupe that i broke in 2010 including a boot spoiler (not amg style) with built in brake light and its still in primer, never been used!

this is how it looked in 2021 (ill put the original grill & indicators back on)

Passenger Side Long 2.jpg

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