I no longer own the E320 estate :(

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Apr 23, 2003
Bexhill, East sussex
Alfa GTV 3.0
I gave it to my other half this afternoon


I've bought Grav's E55 off him :D
I'm seriously considering putting "200D" badges on the back :)
Ha Ha !!! Do it !! :devil:
Nice one Andy, hope you enjoy the beast !
A very nice car, and I'm glad to see it has gone to a nice home.

Good for you Andy (and for Grav). Spend a bit of time sorting giving a good paint treatment and it will be a good car.
I'm going to drop it nto MB Eastbourne on Monday and see what they say about getting it sorted.

We've got a couple of local body shops with very good reputations and who are happy to offer reasonable discounts for cash :)
The main problem seems to be that even when repaired to MB spec, only the visible faces get proper treatmet. Do inside the arch returns and it will be a proper fix.
Hi Andy,

Why not put 200 'whey hey' on the back ;)

Nice one.

Top man Andy, and a top car.
Sounds like a good deal for all concerned. Oh and go for the E250D badges.
No one will notice until they hear it. :D
You got a bargain - enjoy it :rock: :rock:
You did very well.....Was asking around trying to get rid of the W202 to buy it......I nearly went for it last year.....for a little bit more !!
I am genuinely pleased that you have got Greames Ex Monster. Its nice to know that it has gone to a very good home. Time now to get some face cream as the grin is going to hurt in a few months. Having driven this car on quite a few occasions, I always had the "grin" after parking it up (with some reluctance). We done mate and I am jealous, very jealous.
How many accidental;) wheelspins have you done so far?:devil:

The first one was accidental, the rest? well I'm not saying.

Grav, it's a superb car, thanks for letting it go and you can rest assured that it's gone to a good home :)

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