I really want to hate it, but....

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I like it.

Just a touch too blingy for me but only slightly (wheels and lights).

I thought it was going to be based on a Nissan Primera or something from the Barry Boys website.
The bodywork condition and paint is really nice, but really not feeling the front grille/bonnet, alloys, front and rear headlights, front bumper and rear bumper. I think its called the Evo III bodykit. The only thing thats close to the real Evo II is the rear wing and rear window shield.

There was a member once who replicated an Evo II based on a normal 2.5 or 2.3 16v. This thing looked so real and perfect, the only thing which gave it away was that it was a right hand drive car as Evo models only came in left hand drive.
Shame it has a poor grill conversion, odd rear lights, bad exhaust and silly stickers that make it look utterly chavtastic. Had it been just the kit with the correct wheels it could have been lovely.
I may be slated but I really don't like the EVO 2, to me the EVO 1 was just as perfect as is humanly possible and the EVO 2 is just a bit too "much"
Why advertise a car and not put the price. Tells me he wasn't too much for it.

Also a lot of info about the various tat attached, but nothing about service history etc.
Car looks quite smart but it's not really an Evo II replica (let alone a real one), so not sure why it would have been in a 'collection' :dk:

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