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Jun 16, 2003
When I finally worked out what people meant by the need to 'back up' info, I bought a memory stick. At least I hope that is what it is - on package it says-1Gb USB2.0 flash drive -it is made by PNY Technologies. When I plugged it into the USB port, I got a message -no driver detected. I fiddled about with system devices without any success. Then I went onto the PNY site and while there are downloadable drivers for Windows 98SE, there was nothing for Windows ME (which I use). It did tell me to install the computer makers' operating disc (Gateway) but this is long since lost. The Gateway site was no help as pc was bought outside the US. My ?'s are - could I use the driver designed for Windows 98SE? Or, is there somewhere I can download a suitable driver from? Or, is there another solution?
I am afraid of my pc giving up the ghost before I get the info off it.
win 98 driver OK??

Found this which would indicate that the win 98 SE drivers will work for WinMe. It also tells you in a roundabout way what to do to install them. Win Me is just a dressed up version of win98se which was the first operating system to fully support USB2 as far as I know. This assumes you have hardware usb2 port capability. Dont worry cos if your ports are usb1 the PNY device will revert back to usb1 for the data transfer albeit at a much slower speed.

I did have success getting my PNY 512 Meg attache recognized by my Dell Dimension 8100 running Windows Me - which didn't recognize it at first. I thought I'd try the Windows 98 driver and downloaded it. Then, when using the Add Hardware dialog, I found that I couldn't point to it (the 98 driver). Not really knowing what I was doing, I tried to point to C:\temp (as in the example used in the install pdf (url somewhat as posted above), planning to move the driver file to that directory. Surprisingly, the Add Hardware found something to do there. The subsequent dialog window had something I stumbled thru (hitting "Next", I suppose) and I noticed a couple of light flashes from the attache. The dialog did end up with successful install text of some sort and the attache drive works! C:\temp had three files: musb6E.inf, pu20disk.pdr, and pu20sysd.sys. I don't know if I had anything to do with getting those files there. The musb6E file had PNY content when I brought it up in an editor (wordpad). So, this isn't real solid, but those of you who have useless PNY 512 attaches might give it another try. I think the 98 driver played no part in this, and you might check for those 3 files, but my system might have other USB gear that placed those 2 pu20 files - not sure.
Posted by Dan on Apr 09, 2006 - 03:55 PM
# As a follow-up to my last post here, I did determine that the Windows 98 driver was the source of the 3 files in C:\temp. I had double clicked on the driver (application file) and it created the C:\temp directory (and those 3 files) and put up a grey box saying that it was successful (at first, I didn't know exactly what it was successful at - certainly not making the attache work.) It took less than a second. After that, do the Control Panel > Add Hardware function and point to the C:\temp directory. My 512 attache has been working fine. I use right click > eject on its icon before disconnecting it.
Posted by Dan on Apr 09, 2006 - 05:01 PM
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Be grateful it's a PNY stick!

Using the win98 drivers will work fine.
Copy the drivers across and run the setup program first, then connect your stick. You'll get the same new device found message then click "install drivers automatically (recommended)" and it should be done.

You may get a problem if you've already asked WinME to install the device when the drivers were not available if so just ask again.

If you need updated drivers you can get them from this page

Just click on the model of your drive.

As an aside I had to do this for somenoe recently who had bought an "own brand" (Teknica) stick from Tescos. The owner couldn't get it to work and insisted there wasn't an installation CD with the drive.

Having spent about 20 minutes searching on the Net for Win98 drivers I suddenly thought "No, no one will be stupid enough...".

But sure enough when I plugged it into a WinXP machine (which usually automatically recognise USB sticks) there on the drive was the Win98 driver!

Imagine the call to the helpdesk

"I have a Windows98 computer, it won't connect to your memory stick because you haven't provided drivers with it"

"Actually sir/madam you will find the drivers are provided, we've thoughtfully put them on the memory stick. All you have to do is plug it in and copy ...err ...". :crazy:
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Memory sticks are ok providing when you let someone borrow it they give it back...

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