I-tronic BT without the need for Pre wire

Discussion in 'Mercedes specialists across the UK' started by L R Griffiths, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. L R Griffiths

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    Jul 15, 2008
    MYfirst MB - C180 57 plate (not the new shape)
    has anyone purchased and had installed the i-tronic bluetooth (BT) module from INCARTRONICS (USA) the calim is that this can sit behind the radio is easily installed (looks that way from the youtube video anyhow) and makes use of all steering wheel and centre dashboard functions etc etc. i.e full functionality. The unit costs $950.00 but would like to know if it does what it says on the tin, to coin a phrase. I'll not pay the extortianate price to have pre-wire installed. AND!!! why do they say pre wire, don't tell me that my M.O.S.T (????) fibre optic merc has to be pulled apart at the dash/headlining etc to have wiring installed, a veichle of this marque is pre wired at the factory surley, its just that us less knowledgable don't know where to look to find this concealed PRE WIRING, to simply plug in a handsfree kit. I woud like to make use of the dash and steering wheel controls for my phone using bluetooth, so that when I get in with phone set to BT on, the car picks this up. My friends BMW manages this quite easily. please try not to get too techie with responses I prefer plain english and where poss few acronyms (as i'll only have to go to another web site to try and get these deciphered) :) :)

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