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Discussion in 'Engine' started by Spera, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Aug 9, 2010
    I have to dedicate this thread to a great experience I had and the help I received at the hands of Ian and the guys at 124Works in Kirkham,Preston.
    I usually do all my servicing,so I thought I'll do a quick oil change before it rains at 11am on wednesday 15th June. Hercules had tightened the sump plug which I noticed was slightly rounded. Undeterred the sump plug was coming off definitely , absolutely , but by 1500 the heavens having already opened, after differing techniques / angles and muscle power totally drained and i'm drenched to the bone,i've a beautifully silver rounded plug not budging, I sheepishly rang Ian at 124 whom I had researched on the forum,Help!!!
    No problem bring it up said one of the guys, fantastic sat nav on got address will travel. Arrived at 1620 met Ian and the guys good to put a face to a name.Ian started with the most important part first he made a coffee for me.Whilst having a coffee they got the shiny sump plug off did the oil and filter change/new sump plug and explained it had rounded even more as i'd used the metric fitting as opposed to the other (or other way round), now 3/4 down my coffee Ian put the car on a star and thats when I found I had a spare air mas / maf as same fault showing so my original air mas fine , gave me some visual tips on the car engine and cleared any old bits off with the star system.Whilst putting fluid into the deisal tank to cleanse one of the guys checked my breaks as sounded little squeaky in the rain and showed me the minimum they were at and the big lip on front discs, told me got life in them yet but keep eye on them.
    And the charge , goodwill gesture absolutely got me out of a pickle and felt like i'd known the team a while. Sorry to go on but what a good service,and they were busy.
    So a big thank you to Ian and the team for their unselfish time and help,getting me out of a pickle , they've gained my custom, thanks sil
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