IBF 65mm pulley about to pull the trigger

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Jan 1, 2012
Royston, Herts
2005 E320cdi
After talking with Eurocharged last week I wanted to go and collect a pulley and map but they don't carry the pulley's in stock so you have to wait 2 weeks for it to come from the states.

Well I'm not that patient and I really want to carry out this power upgrade asap, why they don't keep in stock small inexpensive basic tuning parts I don't know because if they had them I would have gone and collected one last week and already be raving about how good it is.

I spoke with Michael at Eurocharged and he was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable so I will still use them for the ECU map and just source the pulley from somewhere that can get it to me a lot quicker.

so instead I enquired with a seller on ebay IBF Auto and he's doing me a stunning deal and I mean stunning on a 65mm steel pulley running a genuine NSK bearing delivered, I still have to wait but not as long about 5 days and once fitted I'll pop and see Eurocharged for a remap.
Well I pulled the trigger and it cost me just £230 delivered for a steel 65mm pulley with a NSK bearing I could have also had a duralu one for the same price but I have read some bad things about them not ones from this chap but in general so I opted for the steel one should be with me in 5 days so I'll call Eurocharged tomorrow and see when they can get me in for a map
I have had a steel IBF pulley for a while now and it's been totally fine.. I also had a map put on it from eliteremaps not ideal... (cheap budget) But did run consistent 12.8s 109mph at santapod with only 2.0 60ft so it seems to be working OK I haven't checked it on a dyno yet to see its bhp and AFR but smells like it overfeuling after some WOT!

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