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Mar 15, 2008
The Emerald Isle
mercedes c200 sport,mercedes c200 elegance.
hi i have a c200 sport manual 95 120,000 miles what i need to know is what should my car idle at on the rev counter at the momment it idles halfway between 5 and 1 is this ok most cars idle at 1 dont they
thanks for quick reply jaymanek im just trying to find out why my car isnt running well at the momment the idling is a bit lumpy and when the car warms up to 80 degress the rev counter dances up and down and the car loses power it doesnt happen all the time so im trying to find out what it could be ive changed the plugs air filter fuel filter im totally lost at the momment and i left it in to mercedes for diagnostics and nothing came up and this only happens when car is warmed up any one have any suggestions

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