If you didnt have a Merc what would you drive ??

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Without the E55, I'd probably test drive the offerings from BMW and Audi for the first time. I'd like to see if either are as good/bad as are made out to be. (M5 and S5)

I'm assuming the OP means what would we drive that we could afford if we didn't have a Merc?
If I didn't have a MB, hands down, no argument! I would have a Mk1 Lexus LS400 in one of 2 colour combos ... black jade pearl or pearl white over charcoal.

I used to love driving my dads LS and it was the first car I drove after passing my driving test! These cars can still wipe the smile off a fair few hot hatch drivers faces in a straight line, even now after above 20 years since new!

But now I have fallen for MB it is extremely unlikely that I will own anything else unless as a second car. They are just that good imo.
I could only go upwards.

Bentley Arnage
Lexus RC300h ;)

....nice !!! looks the biz ..a proper mans car !!!.....foxy52
A MK7 Golf R or GTI, best car in the world.
....yep.. I have to say the new Golf R is a helluva car.. I had a good look around a nice blue one the other day.. so much spec/tech..... u couldn't get that on a 89/90 210 bhp 16v Golf limited....but then in those days what could u compare that one to as in my first pic on thread start .. ???.. a mates Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo.. or a Saphire Cosworth 4X4 .. These were brill cars in their day to !!!!....
Got one, it's nice but I don't agree. I find it tiring to drive.
..what ?? an R spec ??!!... I drove a mk2 GTI 8V 17 Hours driving less fuel and coffee breaks to Austria once non stop.. !! I wasn't tired I was younger !! I,d rather do it in my C250 now !! lol foxy52
I love 'em.
..lovely motors..a friend of mine has one of these but then he is C E O of Jag/landrover spares worldwide.. its interesting how we all prefer a certain category of car.. I like fast family cars that are not to big.. out and out sports cars like Lambo,s, R8,s and the like leave me cold and are unaffordable in any event ..the only exception for me would be a Skyline GT R.. 4 Seats u see ??!...Bentleys are superb but again unaffordable to most... one thing I notice here is their is little interest in BMW ?? that follows because most Beemer drivers would never want a Merc ??! foxy52
A Porsche, oh, wait...
I probably just wouldn't have a car : " Die beste oder nichts " .
think I would have bought a Lexus IS 300H FSport, would love a MK2 GTI Golf big Bumper edition in dolphin Grey as a run around. But the money they go for is silly.
BMW E39 M5....prices are silly high now though.

Can't believe people stating Audi? Why oh why? Am I missing something?

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