Ignition sense wire for Geek . IMAGE HEAVY!!! Non broadband need not apply

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by fuzzer, May 21, 2003.

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    Jun 1, 2002
    F25 X3 20d SE
    Hi dude , here are the pickies for the ignition sense wire . Its the black on with the yellow stripe up it. I just scotch blocked onto it and it works like a dream. I just took mine from the glovebox light as it was closest , but , this one is good too.

    if you Get stuck , get back to me.

    Here is the original car

    Open the glovebox and grab the trim at the top with your fingers anf give it a tug as the clips are tight.


    The Pannel just lifts up and you don't need to disconnect the Gearbox connection.


    This will reveal the foam padding , pull it back.

    Under the padding on the left hand side you will see the loom for the 12v socket.


    This is the wire , the black and yellow stripe one.


    Loop it up ans scotch block onto it.


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