Illuminating Star Retro-Fit - C Class W204 Sport

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Nov 1, 2003
C320 CDI Sport

Can't find any threads relating to this topic so it must be relatively new retro fit job.

I ordered the illuminating star, control module and wiring harness from the US cost approx £250

The wiring harness consists of a black connector, and 3 loose wires, red and 2 brown. One brown connector looks like an earth wire because it has a round securing plate, the other brown wire has a small black connector. The red wire is a small female metal terminal that looks as if it fits into a terminal block.

They were no instructions but I have managed to obtain a PDF file but the instructions aren't very good, the pictures are poor as well.

From what I can gather the red wire goes into the front SAM (N10/1) , the brown wire goes into the vehicle floor interior CAN (where ever that is?) the brown securing plate wire as I expected an earth.

The red wire reading the instructions goes into the orange 14 pin connector in the front SAM (N10/1) cavity 6 ?

The control module goes in the floor well (stuck in place)

Just need to find where the vehicle floor interior CAN is? must be in the foot well somewhere?

Has anyone had a go at this project, does seem a lot of money for what you get, but I guess that's just Mercedes.

Any tips would be appreciated.

xixal said:
Any tips would be appreciated.
Yes, don't fit it.

The lack of available instructions in the UK as to how to fit it is no accident. It stops you despoiling your car with a crass and tacky accessory.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

No Drama's (everyone is entitled to their own opinion) mighty probably agree when its fitted and take it off but until then I'll give it ago..


If it is a CAN connector, it will have 2 wires in it, one brown and one brown/red

I would worry greatly about having the interior CAN bus appear outside the car (i.e at the front grill)

In an accident, it could get shorted out - this would take out all interior control *including* lock and unlock etc - bad news.

And I think I could spend about 30 minutes thinking about this, and then be able to get into your car by connecting to the CANbus at these new connections and winding the windows down.

I also don't see why it needs to connect to the CAN at all, its just a light. !


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