I'm absolutely devastated, both our cars smashed up.

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Jul 29, 2014
So tonight a dirt bike stopped outside our house, guys came in the garden with an axe and a bat and smashed my Merc and her Insignia up.

Pretty much every window, pretty much every panel.

What will happen with insurance as mine is pretty rare, and I think they'd struggle to find like for like. They're not repairable, easily written off.

Sad face.

(Yes obviously I've made an enemy, I don't want to talk about it right now.)
Sorry to hear this.

Somehow I think that the insurance claim is not the only issue that needs sorting-out right now.... :(
Jeez man hope you and your family are ok,
Yep, the police have been. They're going to look at local CCTV in the area, but they'll only see a black bike with no plate and two guys in black hoodies with no distinguishing features.

The house is fully double glazed, strong doors etc. We've a massive German shepherd, who'll soon be getting a wife, so I'm not so worried about the house or us. They weren't after stealing the cars. We'll be getting "football stadium" flood lights installed along with CCTV like we had in the last house with big IR floods too, but again, just films hoodies. The tech is easily defeated.

We're (me, mrs, two primary school age kids) all ok. Just can't believe it's happened.

Her policy has vandlism cover, that doesn't affect NCB, she's fully comp with Hastings.

Not checked mine yet (admiral).

I'll post pics tomorrow, it's a pretty harrowing scene. :eek:
Blooming hell mate. What the hell kind of society are we living in these days.
A third world one.

Cameras are best installed when you have a few pointing up from the ground.
what area do you live in
i also live in manchester/stockport
Cameras pointing up is a fantastic idea wdb124066.

Nobody looks down for cameras, captures faces and even if they did spot them, smashing them is futile.

Luckily I have an auto glass mate who cleaned up and taped up the windows properly so they're sealed at least.
Ask the Police where they want the cameras installed - they have some good suggestions at times.

Thing is not to escalate the issue, as tempting as it is.
Do you have a secure garage to put the replacement cars in ?
No garage. Just a driveway. :(
What a shocker. Hope you are all ok and things work out as best as they possibly can.

I don't want to cause unnecessary worry, but If the perpetrators are willing to smash up the cars, I would be wary of them leaving something poisonous for the dog. :( Let's hope not.
Ringway, I appreciate your concerns, but they opened the gate gently to avoid alerting the dog, so they know we've got one, but there on, it was over in seconds.

I hadn't thought of that, so thanks I'll be mindful of that.
For all the brilliant things on the forum there's also the saddening stories. I'm sorry to hear this and I hope that you and your family are ok. Your safety is paramount so just do whatever you can to make your home into a fortress and fingers crossed this is the end of it. Feel for you mate.
Mate feel for you and your family. We had some issues with local neds but it's now been 'dealt with'. It is very scary but you will come away from this stronger. Don't do anything rash but agree on your thoughts. We also now have CCTV and bright LED PIR lights and I now sleep at night.

Oh and as for protection I hear pro paintball guns are a good addition!!!! [emoji41]

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