Im after a couple of parts

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The G.F.P

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Jun 9, 2008
Hello, not posted here for a while as i no longer drive but still have the car

Just trying to find a few bits so i can sell the car

W124 AMG Gen 2 front bumper tow hook cover
W124 AMG Gen 2 fog light

W124 Convertible sun visors, the ones i bought were coupe ones and dont fit

Two unicorn parts

Has anyone organised the making with a 3D printer of the covers yet?

Any ideas?

All we need is 1 person with 1 to go get it 3D printed then sell them, they wont cost much to make
Have you had a look at 129 tow hook covers and maybe the fog light too… , as for the sun visors for either model 😳

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