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Nov 28, 2021
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Stix Car Hire at Faro airport refused to hire a top of the range powerful Merc to a driver as their rules state it's too powerful to be driven by anyone under 30yrs of age. Being helpful they did provide a luxury Merc with a less powerful engine.

The driver refused was Max Verstapphen 😁

A spokesman for Stix apologised commenting that "there are time when rules should have been relaxed and perhaps this is one of those times!"

Personally I think that this was one occasion when a person is justified in saying "dont you know who I am !!" Big Grin

Source - Portugal news
Stix? You mean Sixt?

Remember reading an interview with F1 drivers years ago, during the time Senna was around, the general concensus was after a race they had so much adrenalin in their system that they would not drive on public roads for at least 24 hours.
Rules are rules, insurers rule probably. 😇
Verstappen was in Portugal to test drive various GT cars. He is setting up a team in the GT series.
I read he drove a Ferrari, a Porsche and an Audi (R8)
Three times F1 World Champion, but "computer says 'No.'"

Annoying when you've flown to Faro with your mates in three private jets and hired a set of twenty high performance cars for a couple of days racing at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve racing circuit

Thank heavens that doesn't happen to us any more !

Max Verstappen snubbed from hiring Mercedes on holiday — as he’s ‘too young’
Me thinks The Sun need to do more research on their cars. 😊
Also SIXT:

Thanks for this! Good share !

“A spokesperson for the firm said it still plans to electrify as much as 90 per cent of its European rental fleet by the end of a decade.

Why Sixt is dropping Tesla electric cars from its rental fleet

“It recently agreed to buy around 100,000 BYD vehicles by 2028.

“It’ll begin its BYD rollout in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK, with vehicles appearing on fleet this year.”

This reinforces what’s been said about the effective elimination of ICE commercially within seven years. (90% electric by 2030)

With China elbowing into Tesla and EU turf, we can look forward to much lower prices and running costs.

I spoke to a couple of people today who are now planning on getting a Tesla Model Y because the monthly lease cost is just £400. A very tax deductible £400. (This despite my advice that the Tesla is rubbish)
Judging by the number of accidents he's been involved in I make them right ;)

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