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Dec 7, 2002
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Has ever happened to you that some time when you come home from work stressed or shopping with your wife , that you forget to lock your car or activate the alarm?

Well I'm sure I', not the only one that it has happened the above and the next morning I find one of the door not fully closed and not surprised to see that my Ipod is missing from the glove box.

I was really annoyed of this and because I previously lived in Belgium , it came to my mind after 5 minutes this, in that country all the insurance company requires that cars are fitted with a VV2 Alarm. Actually now it is a requirement that all cars for the Belgian market have the VV2 specifications.

If you have VV2 alarm settings.VV2 activates itself ( the alarm ) after 30 seconds.That means, when you get out of the car , don't close the doors , but take the key off and close the doors.After 30 seconds , when you open a door , the Alarm ( EDW) goes off.

"A "VV2" is a system that prevents the initiation of
engine of a car. This immobilization is automatically activated
after stopping the vehicle engine, not later than the opening
the driver's door or, failing that, within 10 to 60
seconds after switching off the engine. This asset is
achieved by a combination of at least two actions prevent
Start: neutralization of the starter, cutting off the ignition,
switching off the feed pump, fuel system ... VV2
is characterized by the existence of a siren in addition to the cut
engine. An acoustic signal is thus transmitted upon detection of a
burglary. This detection is done by the Protection of All
doors, trunk or hood (what is called the detection
perimeter) and the observation of a change in volume
the vehicle (the detection volume).

Therefore since then I changed the country version coding of the EDW to Belgium.
But with an extra £80 I got the chirp back in which I prefer it better from the original one.

Hope that helps


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Aug 27, 2006
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Same happened to us recently - ipod classic gone from centre cubby, and four bicyce helmets from the boot. Don't quite understand the helmet theft to be honest.....

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