Independants in or around Basingtoke

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diesel dog

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Apr 23, 2011
Hi all, I'm new to Mercs. Is there anyone close to Basingstoke area that knows the car well. I've just bought a W209 320. Lovely car but for peace of mind would like a few little bits doing on it :p
A little late in responding I know, but I thoroughly recommend Darren and the guys at Pro-Tech in Kingsclere.

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Or Star Motors, Caversham.

Kings Motor Services
(01256) 862221
Alton Road The Never Despair, South Warnborough,
Hook, RG29 1RT
Hello and Welcome
+1 for PCS portsmouth great service at a fair price :thumb:
+1 for PCS, etc.

I work in Newbury, but conveniently I live in Portsmouth (....this is why I bought an OMM*)
always worth the trip.

*Old Man Merc
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Another vote for Star in Caversham

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