Indicater Problem, 02 Sprinter 311

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Jan 24, 2014
Hi, looking for a bit of advice with thanks in advance for all help.

'52 Sprinter CDi 311

Indicators left and right flashing double speed, all bulbs working fine, no fuses blown and can hear the two grey relays under the steering wheel clicking as if they are working. Hazards work perfectly normal when they are on. All 6 indicators appear to work fine on left (apart from speed)and right AND hazards flash... Only thing that appears to be wrong is the speed at which they flash when turning signal is used, this happened on left and right.

I understand normally when they flash fast it's a bulb out and I can clearly see them all working and have replaced with new ones anyway.

If it is a relay wheres the best/cheapest place to find ?

Any ideas?
Have now replaced the relay and still no change. Hazards work as normal and all bulbs still work on both sides when indicating left or right, only problem is the speed they flash !

Ideas greatly appreciated
hi, im getting the EXACT SAME thing happening on my ML320. Sooooooooooo annoying as, like you I replaced bulbs and relays! May I ask if you fixed the problem, and how?

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