Indicator arm 51 plate W210

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by tomnewo, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Hi Guys,

    Just a heads up to anyone experiencing the same problem and some advice !

    The left indicator on my W210 stayed on one night (while the mrs was driving) so I had a little look when she got home and found that indeed the indicator stayed on continiously when in the "neutral" position but cancelled when moved to indicate right so immediately thought that it must be the switch,took it to my brother in law who is an experienced VAG trained mechanic and he confirmed my fears.

    So I went about sourcing a replacement...Eurocarparts £77 - £98 :eek:

    Went onto the breaker search sites and got a few texts the next morning all in the £48 - £65 bracket then remembered that I had recently purchased a thermostat and following advice from this forum had enquired about cost from a main dealer and was surprised to find that the original part was only £4 more than Eurocarparts so I rang the dealer again and really was surprised this time when he told me that the original indicator stalk would be £73 inc VAT :D whic makes me think that these other suppliers are not much cheaper (on some things) than the main dealers so always worth checking with the MD's too it seems.
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