Indicator/cruise control upgrade

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Jan 21, 2023
C220 S204
Hi, I’ve tried to upgrade my indicator and cruise control switches today, and failed, my car is a 2011 model year but 2012 car, pre face lift, I bought a set from a 2012 face lift car with the stalks the opposite way around, as i feel they should be, the new style stalk look much better and are more naturally laid out, once I’d fitted them, the lights flash, indicators, wipers and cruise/speed limiter all work perfectly, but I had no horn or steering wheel switches worked, I tested the pin connectors with my multimeter, and as far as I can tell, it is the same, obviously I couldn’t leave it, as no horn, no trip computer, phone or audio controls worked, I had to fit the old stalks back in, (everything works fine)
can anyone tell me if the wiring is different, or if I would need a newer type steering wheel to? I’ve seen on YouTub people simply upgrade their steering wheels and it’s worked, I would really like to use the later type stalks, does anyone know how I could get around this issue and keep all the controls?

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