Indicators stopped working...

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Mar 5, 2009
2005 W215 CL500. both mirrors.

In January I rebuilt (as you do) the seat switch modules found in each door. It was a simple job which required all plugs to be pulled off to allow the switch block to be removed. All went well except that on reassembly the left side indicator no longer worked. I wasn't bothered because when I got the car the driver's side didn't work and I traced a broken wire, so I thought that would be it.

Then two weeks ago I managed to wreck the driver's side mirror and needed to replace the mechanism...though the casing was unharmed. It arrived, I fitted it and (yes, you've guessed it) the indicator doesn't work.

It couldn't be a broken wire the part was new not used. My multi meter confirmed, for both sides, that power was getting through. Could it really be each of the LED units?
Test it with a testlight rather than a dmm - that will give a better idea if there is enough current to illuminate the lights. Halfords sell both a cheap crappy one, and a decent quality one.

Also, if it is possible to connect it back to front, and they are leds... :)

It's not possible to put them in back to front.

I've ordered one new one to test them.

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