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Sheffield Col

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Sep 16, 2015
Mercedes 2014, C Class 220 Diesel Automatic Blutec W205
Just wondering if anyone has had problems with indicators on C Class W205. mine stopped working for a short while, they flashed a few times when I put them on but would not stay on when I wanted them to. They would work ok with with hazard switch so I knew the bulbs was ok. Then after a few more turns they started to work ok again, I am guessing the switch could be at fault.
Try wiggling the indicator stem while operating the indicators , it could be the switch contacts , steering wheel off job I believe. Try Finding the left & right relay perhaps ? It might be different (in function) from the hazard relay.
The multi function stalk is a known fault, had problem with windscreen wipers. New stalk.
Bad contacts in the stalk?
Many thanks for your replies.

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