Injector overhaul kit. W203 etc...

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Aug 18, 2015
A3/A322 but in my car and garage mostly
cl203 C220 Sports Coupe
Injector removal tool + cutting tool with genuine Mercedes cleaning brushes, grease and paraphernalia.

Used on my W203 C Class Sports Coupe (CL203) around 2015 to 2017 (ish).

Injector puller is my "Laser" tool in the blue box, 2 sets of injectors done. Usual nicks and dings on it and more than capable of doing many more.

Injector seat cutter tool: Fabulously easy tool to use for perfect finish for the injector seal washer. (multiple sized cutters for different cars in a red box).

Mercedes Injector bore cleaning kit (Orange shoe box) : One tool cleans out the injector bores in the cam cover with an exact fitting wire brush set.
The other tool cleans "light" blow-by on the injector seat. (If the injector seat is damaged with heavy blow-by it should ideally be re cut with above Injector seat cutter tool).

Ceramic Injector paste : Heat resistant anti seize Injector grease for reassembly.

Assorted Paraphernalia such as the tap to clean the injector stretch bolt threads prior to reassembly, a couple of genuine copper sealing washers, bronze threaded removeable plugs and tool to stop the dirt and swarf entering the piston bores via the injector holes while cleaning or re seating. Print out and notes by me from previous jobs along with a bit of genuine Surrey dirt and dust all contained in the orange shoe box.

Rheumatoid Arthritis forces me to sell this, my complete "make it easy on yourself" kit.

Any sensible offers over £100 secures the lot.


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